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Dragonfire is one of the UK’s leading firework and pyrotechnic display companies committed to producing safe, spectacular and innovative firework entertainment for public, corporate and private clients using the most up to date technology and effects.

Formed in 1985 Dragonfire has a wealth of experience and has entertained quite literally millions of people all over the UK and Internationally.

Owned and managed by Merlin Fireworks since 2009 Dragonfire continues to embrace the unusual and to deliver spectacle and entertainment on a grand scale. 

These pictures illustrate some of our work with fire imagery and more can be seen on   

Contact us if you think we can help with your next event or project, +44 (0) 1885 490538.  


Gavin Lewery, artist, blacksmith, engineer and creator of magnificent things! Workng with Dragonfire since 1996, he has helped to pioneer a celebratory art form that choreographs powerful visual spectacles.

Gavins work fuses blazing structures and complex animations with kinetics, light and dazzling pyrotechnics. Sometimes dramatic and spectacular, sometimes subtle and beautiful, his creations enthral audiences of all ages and tastes.

Felix Rowberry, artist, fabricator, pyrotechnician and teacher creates and produces beautiful artistic imagery.  Felix has worked with Dragonfire since 2007, is a BPA qualified Senior Firer and runs her own workshops teaching women fabrication and metalworking skills. 

Never happier than with a welding torch in hand Felix  loves to create and ideally to create things that she can ignite and burn! 

Our Artists

The Dragonfire team are multi talented across the fields of fire, fireworks and pyrotechnics and two of our team in particular specialise in fire imagery and creative engineering.  

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